Who We Are

Conscious Junky's are excited people who are addicted to a healthy and active lifestyle. We prefer herbal remedies along with pure, natural, and organic foods. Conscious Junky's live a simple and balanced life while cultivating their inner peace and working on their mind, body, and soul.

​We are awakened people who remain positive throughout all circumstances and see the beauty and similarities in all things. We are caterpillars transforming into butterflies.

What We Represent

We stand for unity and solidarity with like minded people who share a belief in the importance of honesty, respect, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. We fight for freedom, justice, equality, love, peace, and happiness.

Conscious Junky's walk in confidence using clothing as their artistic expression of style and originality. We are people who remain flexible through the hardships of life without breaking. With patience and compassion we preserve the environment to help ensure the survival of all plants and animals because we believe everything is connected as one.
A percentage of sales will be donated to NOFA-NY, an organization of farmers, gardeners, and consumers working together to create a sustainable regional food system that's ecologically sound and economically viable.
"Through demonstration and education, we promote land stewardship, organic food production, and local marketing. We bring consumer and farmer together to make high quality food available to all people." -NOFA